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Today, VirtualRealAmateur donates 10% of profits to figh agains Breast Cancer

October 19, 2017

VirtualRealAmateur would be nothing without all women who work on and behind the scenes; that is why we support them on the different battles they face everyday. Cancer being one of the most severe.

On the 19th of October, World Breast Cancer Day, we want to play our part and donate 10% of our income from all our webs (VirtualRealPorn, VirtualRealPassion, VirtualRealGay, VirtualRealTrans and VirtualRealAmateur) to a local association who helps women day after day to overcome this serious disease. We feel responsible for informing about this disease, as well as raising awareness among the population: the bigger the support is, the sooner prevention will come. We believe that investigation and financial investment are necessary to reach a solution and VirtualRealPorn wants to join it and share this message: prevention is possible and it is in our hands.

Since our very first beginnings, we have always carried a policy of respect for women out, opposing and condemning any kind of inequality and injustice. We may be a small company, but everybody working here, has a great ethical commitment. Actually, VirtualRealAmateur was born in order to women to live freely their sexuality and love their bodies, enjoying a kind of porn without prejudices, meant for them.

Today, our full support goes to all those women fighting against breast cancer.

Helping lies in our hands!

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